Revisiting Madrasah Hashimiah School of Rohingya Orphans

On 23rd of April, we spent our Saturday morning revisiting the orphanage school at Madrasah Hashimiah. We prepared 170 sets of school supplies for the children during our last visitation. This round, 13 of us joining in this visitation and 2 stops to make with 120 sets of school supplies to prepare for:

  1. 100 students near school near Madrasah Hashimiah’s main school.
  2. 20 students of single mother in welfare home near Selayang.

100 students @ the school

20 students @ welfare home

We arrived at the second location – a welfare home for the poor families and students of single mothers. The home also functions as a distribution centre for food and daily supplies. It accepts any kind of donation that will help the refugees such as clothing, rice, water and any basic necessities that will help them to survive. We were greeted with hundreds of refugees awaiting for their fair share of supplies as well as donations from various source.

To know more about Madrasah Hashimiah or Rohingya Refugee, read more on our previous post here.

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