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About Pilot BeGreen

Many of us have heard of Pilot Pen, a stationery brand from Japan founded in 1918, is the largest pen manufacturer in Japan. Known for its leadership in product innovation, Pilot Pen Corporation consistently introduces bestselling items to the marketplace for consumers to enjoy.

For the general consumer market, some of Pilot’s famed product lines include: The Shaker mechanical pencils (the original Shaker that revolutionized the pencil industry) and FriXion erasable pens and markers (loved for its heat-sensitive erasable ink).

Pilot Pen - Power to the Pen

Three years in the making, the BeGreen product line represents Pilot’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly writing instruments with the same innovation, technology, focus on quality, and pricing as its non-recycled products.

BeGreen is the one of the world’s first full line of earth-friendly writing instruments from Pilot. Made from recycled post-industrial materials, each Pilot BeGreen product is manufactured in facilities that meet strict ISO 14001 and 14021 standards, and performs to the same high quality that we’ve come to expect from all Pilot writing instruments.

All Pilot BeGreen products are composed of at least 70% recycled material.

Pilot BeGreen products are offered in most of the major writing instrument categories – Gel Ink Rolling Ball, Liquid Ink Rolling Ball, Ball Point, Mechanical Pencil and Permanent Marker – thus the full line of Pilot BeGreen products offers a wide selection of choices that can be part of your everyday commitment to make our planet cleaner and healthier.

Here’s how BeGreen works:

Post-industrial material is collected, and then fed through a shredder in a recycling plant. The plastic is melted and cut into pellets, which are then shaped and reborn as Pilot BeGreen products. Scraps from production of BeGreen products are collected and the process starts all over again!

How Pilot BeGreen Works?

Benefits for the environment

What benefits does this represent for the environment?

Plastic is made from oil. By using recycled plastics, PILOT uses less oil and therefore contributes to preserving our natural resources. Imagine: if all the pens produced in major countries in one year were made of recycled plastic, that would allow us to save at least 78,000 tons of plastic which is the equivalent of:

A plastic cube the size of a 30 floor building.

In concrete terms, the sales of BeGreen pens in Europe, since its launch in 2006, is equivalent to a saving of over 1,215 tons of plastic. Pilot advocates the use of refills, which also minimizes plastic production. Why throw away the body and the cap – these are the largest plastic parts of the pen!

80% of our pens (ballpoints, gel ink pens, rollerballs) are refillable

100% of our ballpoint pens are refillable!

Of course, this approach is not taken at the expense of our quality, technology and design requirements. The pens selected for adaptation and inclusion in the BeGreen range have traditionally been some of the leading models in the standard Pilot range.

This type of manufacturing is even more ambitious and costly than standard production, but we encourage customers to go for the BeGreen range as it’s selling at the same price as normal Pilot pens, so it does not cost much to support the environment.

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