Cook, Deliver, Serve the homeless with #ReachOutMalaysia

[March 24th, 2016] It was 3 months ago since our last run on the street of KL to feed the homeless. Today, we join the crews from #ReachOutMalaysia to meet our friends on the street again. This round, we have new volunteers joining the run – Tracy from our finance team and Ellie from HP (Hewlett-Packard Malaysia).

Instead of buying packaged food from restaurant (which food was delivered in room temperature during our last run). We’ve decided to “transform” ourselves into chef de cuisine to cook – deliver – serve by our very own staffs, this was also to ensure our food were being delivered in hot & warm condition to the homeless friends.

We took half a day off from work and begin the preparation. Leading the way is our “Master Chef ” Kelvin a.k.a. Chief Operating Officer. The menu of that day was Chicken Curry accompanied by Stir-Fried Cabbage, and Fried Egg Over-Medium. Kelvin along with his “sous chefs” will have to cook for 120 pax. We have setup a temporary station at our warehouse equipped with all essential cookwares.

Homemade Chicken Curry

Garlic Savoy Cabbage

Fried Egg

Rice for the Crowd

Also lets not forget, what is a Malaysian dish without its core ingredient, the white fragrant rice! The task was assigned to Hong from Web Team – our in-house “stand-up.”

Our Little Kitchen

Packing Necessities

We have fresh oranges and cream crackers for the menu add-ons, necessities like mosquito coils to fend of the ever annoying mosquitoes, and 240 bottles mineral water to stay hydrated during the current dry & hot spell. Spot the green bags? Yes, these are recycling bags contributed by HP and also pillows for our friends on the street.

Loading Stuffs

When we’re done packing, we had Wan from Delivery crews helping out to load oranges, crackers, mosquito coils, recycling bags, and pillows into van.

Dinner Together-gather

Well after a long day, just by looking at the dishes, we couldn’t resist the temptation much more. We had our office-cooked dinner before beginning to pack the the food into hot packs. It’s time for us to have our share of the chicken curry!

Packing Hot Meals

After dinner, we proceeded to packing the food by equal portion into 120 individual packaged meals. Hygiene is our priority especially when it comes to preparing food for number of people, contaminated food must be avoided; thus, masks & gloves are essential.

1st Stop

Masjid Negara

11pm at Masjid Negara, we met up with the usual crews from #ReachOutMalaysia and Simon, one of the senior members and also helped us to coordinate most of our events with Reach Out. We had a short briefing about the run routine before beginning the run. We fed about 50 pax of homeless friends at Masjid Negara.

2nd Stop

Bangkok Bank

Next, we headed to Bangkok Bank. There weren’t many homeless friends here tonight, only around 20 pax. Same routine, we unloaded stuffs & assigned volunteers to each station.

3rd Stop

Clock Tower @ Market Square

Next, we headed to Clock Tower also known as the building architected by Arthur Oakley Coltman. We fed about 20 pax.

4th Stop

Old Klang Bus Stand

We made our fourth stop at the old Klang bus stop, it was a peaceful night and the ambience is is quite dark around the area, most of the homeless friends are asleep. We wrapped up here feeding about 50 pax, it’s a surprise as we didn’t expect so many to show up, we were out of food but luckily crews from #ReachOutMalaysia have prepared 50 pax of food beforehand.


5th Stop

Outside Haniffa Store

Toward the end our run, we reached our final destination at Haniffa Store. The same place we ended our run previously. Here, we handed out what’s remaining of our supplies, 5 serving of food packs and around 20 packs of biscuits and mosquito coils. We are determined to not let anything go to waste, therefore we passed those out by laying them beside the homeless who are sleeping & unaware of our presence.

We end the run at 1am, most of us were exhausted but we felt great of our walk of kindness to providing those in need in the best way we can, it’s really heartwarming to see smile and joy on the face of our homeless friends.


For more information regarding this event. Please visit Reach Out Malaysia. Also watch the founder of #REACHOUT Malaysia, Peter Nicoll’s TED Talk at TEDxKL:

It’s just a small thing, but we care.

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