Our Mission

Being the trendsetter in our sector in giving the additional value through sustainable solutions. It is our mission to enable profits to emerge and make businesses, employees and stakeholder altogether grasp its full value.


By safely and responsibly recycling your e-waste, you are protecting the health of people and the ecosystem of the planet. Don't throw, recycle instead.


Trade-in your unwanted printer or computer equipment to us. #atozstaygreen is a program that recycles responsibly through a proper channel.


All those old cell phone chargers that being chucked into a bin, the old monitor, and the ancient printer are all in a landfill somewhere, polluting our planet.

Core Values

Commitment to people, society and the environment is second nature to atoz2u. We want to make a contribution to sustainable developments not only in the products we supply but also in the way we do business. Quality, Integrity, Diversity, and Sustainability are the four core values we express to our customers, as well as characteristics of our own internal organization.

Throwing electronics out would be criminal!

Recycle instead.

Our Team

We engage our corporate social responsibility with innovation, wholesome business practices, and diversity and inclusion, all with the single goal of realizing sustainability following our corporate philosophy - People, Planet & Profit.


Vincent Goh

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Ng Yoke Beng

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Kelvin Ng

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Our Partner Family

For us, engaging and working together with various partners is vital for pursuing CSR activities. We are not only promote engagement with partners in implementing our CSR activities but also encourages the participation of our employees in the planning of those activities, thereby contributing to the creation of a framework for social responsibility.


Madrasah Hashimiah

Orphanage & Community School for Myanmar Muslim and Rohingya refugees in Selayang, Kuala Lumpur. Madrasah also provides education classes to the children from Bahasa Malaysia, English, Tahfiz, Iqra, Burmese Language, to Maths, Science, and Computer.


The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

Evolving from a core group of society volunteers, MNS’ Kuala Lumpur-based headquarters has now a team of 40 dedicated full time staff who see to the day-to-day running of the society’s administration and activities.


Reach Out Malaysia

Reach Out was formed in Kuala Lumpur, in 2008. It exists to deliver humanitarian need, incorporating its fundamental core principle, that volunteers of all races and religious partake in assisting those who at this time can not assist themselves.

Trade-in Your Old Printer Here.

This program offers you the opportunity to recover value on your existing equipment with a minimum effort. If you own an old printer of any brand in any condition, you may trade-in to us and receive rebate in vouchers toward a new one.